Mind Boggling (Mark 3)

Sharing thoughts on what I read in the Bible each day, especially as it pertains to starting a new church on the Vegas Strip…

Mark 3: Isn’t it crazy how religious people get upset when God is doing a good thing? It’s mind boggling, but what Jesus confronted 2000 years ago is till happening today. I bet every church in America that has cool stuff happening also has a bunch of religious people in their community pointing fingers and making accusations about how they’re doing it the wrong way, and the whole thing is probably from Satan.

Do I expect this to happen in Vegas? Absolutely. What do I think about it? Well, I want to live life like Jesus and experience everything He did, so I invite it. I don’t try to create it, but when it happens, I invite it. And, even though I expect it, I still find it mind boggling.