Naked Bloody Superfreak (Mark 5)

Here’s today’s thought from my Bible reading…

Mark 5:1-20, Years ago, on a flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I nicknamed the guy in this story the “Naked, Bloody Superfreak.” This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, mostly because it’s just so ridiculously weird.

But the other reason I like it is because after this guy is changed by Jesus, he HAS to go tell other people about it. He begs Jesus to let him come with him. He wants to go on tour with Jesus and share his story far and wide. But what I probably love most is that Jesus says no. He tells the guy that his life change story will be most powerful for people who have seen both the before and after pictures. “Go to people who knew what you were like and tell THEM about who did this for you.” That’s cool.

Also, did you know that this mess of a guy is the first person Jesus EVER sends out to tell people about Him? Just think, if Jesus can use a naked, bloody superfreak to be a missionary, He can certainly use you.