New Year’s Resolutions

Been thinking through for awhile now exactly what I hope to accomplish in 2009. I’m hesitant to share these with you, but I’ll be vulnerable. So here are my top ten new year’s resolutions for 2009:

10 To stop ironing my underwear . . . while I’m wearing them.

9 To start the first support group for people who keep thinking its Tuesday.

8 To finally learn to spell my last name correctly.

7 To write a letter to that Obama guy and see if he can get CBS to bring back Barnaby Jones.

6 To unify our nation so that we have one common spelling for ketchup/catsup.

5 To maintain my girlish figure.

4 To get some sucker to give me a dollar – then repeat 15,000 times.

3. Don’t eat medicine just because it looks like candy

2. Who am I kidding? If it looks like candy – it’s candy.

1. To start my new men’s undergarment catalog, “Vince’s Secret”