Not a Pez Dispenser (Proverbs 2)

It’s interesting, we generally act like if we believe in God we can just hang out and all the things we need from Him will just sort of fall out of the sky on us. We won’t be able to help but receive them.

The Bible gives a very different picture. In today’s reading (Proverbs 2) we’re told the importance of wisdom (it leads to victory, protects us, etc.) and that God is the source of wisdom. But He doesn’t put it in front of us for us to take, like a Pez dispenser.

No, He says that we need to “call out” for it, “cry aloud” for it, and “search for it as for hidden treasure” (2:3-4). For whatever reason, God wants us to intensely pursue the things He wants to give us.

And…as someone who is starting a new church, I know I need God’s wisdom. So I guess the questions are: How desperately do I want it? And how intensely am I willing to go after it? I wonder if it’s too strong a statement to say that the future of our church plant depends on how I answer those questions…