Party (Mark 2)

Reading thru the NT in 2009, and sharing a thought or two from my daily reading, especially as it relates to my moving to Vegas to start a new church on the Strip.

Today Mark 2This chapter basically represents what I dream for in Vegas.

  1. Mk 2:13-14, I LOVE how Jesus calls Levi to follow. Levi was a tax collector, which means he was a traitor to the Jewish people, working for the Roman government, taxing the Jewish people to raise money to support the oppressing Roman army. And that’s not to mention the fact that he was probably charging extra taxes to pad his own pockets. But he wasn’t too far gone for Jesus. In fact, a large crowd came to Jesus, but Levi was the one he called to follow. The fact that Jesus is like this is the only reason He allows someone like me to follow. And I want to reach out to people in Vegas who feel like they could never be good enough for God.
  2. Mk 2:15-17, I LOVE how Levi calls all his “sinful” friends to come and meet Jesus. When you’ve experienced the kind of grace he did, you have to – have to – share it.
  3. Mk 2:1-12, I LOVE how these dudes will not let anything stop them from getting their friend to Jesus. I pray that people who make up our church on the Strip have that kind of attitude.

Please pray for us that this chapter will truly represent our church. And I pray that it represents you, and your church. Like Levi, do you realize that you’re the recipient of outrageous grace? Do you have to – have to – share it? Are you? When’s the last time you threw a party like Levi’s? And are you allowing anything to stop you from getting your friends to Jesus?