People Are Strange (Mark 14)

So I’m sharing a thought or two each day from the read through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs plan I put out earlier in the year.

So let’s say that somehow God comes down and visits earth, living as a human being. What do you expect? A holy God puts skin on, who do you expect to want to be around Him? Who avoids Him? Who supports Him most? Who wants Him dead?

Well, as you may be aware, it actually happened, and in Mark 14 we see God in the flesh…

1. Having dinner at the home of a leper, the most
2. A prostitute forces her way to Him, desperate to show her gratitude
3. One of His closest followers betraying Him
4. Religious leaders seeking to have Him killed
5. Another of His closest followers betraying Him

Now you know all that, so you just nod your head. But pretend you don’t know it, and read it again. Think about it. It’s stunning.

And so let’s say you go to a town to start a church. Who should you expect to be around you? Who should avoid you? Who should support you the most? Who should want you dead?