Seeds?! (Mark 4)

Sharing a thought each day from what I read in the Bible as it pertains to our starting a new church on the Vegas Strip…

Mark 4:1-20: I know crap about seeds, but I think this parable reveals one of the reasons why most churches are trying to reach people who already have a relationship with Jesus rather than those who don’t. Why? Because when you plant new seed most of it doesn’t take root and grow. So you’ll be more successful if you just take seed that’s already planted and just kind of put it in a new pot. That’s not what we’ll do in Vegas.

Mark 4:26-29:
Again, I know crap about seeds, but this parable makes me feel good because it teaches me that God is at work, even when I’m not, and even when I can’t see it. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel like I could sleep at night.

Mark 4:30-32:
One more time, I know crap about seeds, but I just finished writing my second book which is sort of based on this parable which is about … seeds. Wild and wacky stuff. It comes out about a year from now, so start saving your pennies!