Supposed To Be (Mark 9)

It’s interesting in this chapter the things that Jesus’ disciples do, versus what He wants them to do.

Mark 9:5-7, Peter is talking, but God says He’s supposed to be listening to Jesus.
Mark 9:14-29, The disciples are arguing, but they’re supposed to be praying.
Mark 9:33-35, The disciples are debating which of them is the greatest, but they’re supposed to be serving.
Mark 9:38-50, They’re focusing on, and upset about, the ministry of someone else and the success their seeing, but they’re supposed to be focusing on themselves and be upset about any lack of holiness they see.

I pray that we start a church in Vegas that listens, and prays, and serves, and grows in personal holiness.

What about you and your church? Are you closer to being like the disciples in Mark 9 or closer to being what you’re supposed to be?