That’s It? (Mark 15)

I’ve been sharing thoughts from my daily reading as they apply to starting a new church on the Vegas Strip. Today what I’m sharing has nothing to do with church planting, it has to do with why I became a Christian…

Almost nineteen years ago I started reading the Bible, hoping to prove it wasn’t true. Little by little the Bible began to change my mind. One of the verses that stopped me in my tracks was Mark 15:25, It was the third hour when they crucified him.”

If I was writing the Bible I would be waiting to write Mark 15:25. I’m trying to convince people, to sway their emotions, to capture their hearts. And so when I get to the point when the hero of my story dies, I am going to describe in graphic detail everything that happens to Him. The pounding of the nails, the ripping of the skin, the cries of anguish, people weeping. But the Bile says, “they crucified him.” Wow.