The Problem With Being a Professional (Proverbs 3)

I know not everyone who reads this is a pastor. The non-pastor readers might not totally understand this, but maybe it will help you to pray for your pastor.

So when you become a “professional Christian” it’s very easy to have your prayers consumed with, “God, grow my church.” “Lord, make me a better speaker. Use me this Sunday.” “Father, help me to really pour into these people.” “Why are these people such idiots?” “Lord, help us to reach people.” And there’s nothing wrong with those prayers, it’s just that there are other prayers which are actually more important.

In Proverbs 3 we see them: “God, help me to keep your commands in my heart.” “Father, please let love and faithfulness never leave me.” “Lord, help me to trust completely in You and not in my own wisdom.” “Father, help me to accept and not despise your discipline in my life.” “God, take away my fears and replace them with confidence in You.”

So professionals, let’s be honest: Which prayers have we been praying? If you keep a journal, go back and take a look. Let’s make sure we’re not whoring our own spiritual lives out to our ministries – no matter how important ministry is…