The Rich Suburb (James 2)

I’ve been putting up a thought a day from the reading plan I gave, but I missed posting a day or two when I was without internet. So I’m doing an extra to catch up….

One thing I’ve noticed in church planting (and I think this is less true than it was twenty years ago) is that church planters tend to pick the nicer suburbs to locate their new churches. Why? Well, maybe it’s because those people will give more. Or maybe its where they want to live. Or maybe it just feels a bit more prestigious.

I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s a problem. Why? Well, James 2:1-9. I’d hate to start a church and then have God say, “Yeah, but you have insulted the poor.”

“Yeah, but didn’t I do something good?”

“Well, yes, but also you sinned and are convicted as a lawbreaker.”

“Oh. Crap, that ain’t cool.”