Walking In Memphis

Yesterday our mini-van (which we’re driving to Vegas) hit 200,000 miles. This is not a commercial for Toyota, but holla! Now if it can just get us the rest of the way to Vegas…

So it turns out that yes, we are the Griswalds. Need proof?

(1) The weird family that has a dog in the hotel? Check.
(2) The dog gets in the hotel, throws up, and then eats his puke? Check.
(3) The family plans the trip so they can go to Graceland, only to find out that Graceland is closed? Check.

Unbelievable. Well, today we’ll be spending a few hours in Memphis anyway, which I hear is ruled by a pack of wild, vicious, stray dogs.

Gonna hit Beal Street, get some ribs for lunch, and then get out of Dodge…