Welcome To Las Vegas…

So we live in a guard gated community. You may think, “Wow, are you guys rich?” But, although we were able to get a great house (because we sold our house in Va Beach for double what we paid for it, and bought a house here for half of what it sold for two years ago) actually in Vegas having a gated, or even guard gated community isn’t that unusual. It’s also normal to have an alarm system on your house, in your gated community, with the armed guard at the gate.

So this morning we drop our kids off at school and in the front office I notice that they have a wall of TV screens. I think I counted 14. They have 14 cameras filming the outside and entrances and hallways of the school!

This may be normal for some of you, like if you grew up at Alcatraz, but it’s different for me. So I guess … welcome to Vegas!