What Do You Do With Jesus? (Mark 6)

What interests me most in this chapter is what people do with Jesus…

  • Mark 6:1-6, The people have an “amazing” lack of faith and therefore don’t get to experience all that Jesus can do.
  • Mark 6:7-13, The disciples accept the authority Jesus gives them, and so they’re able to do incredible things.
  • Mark 6:30-44, The apostles are clueless, but simply because they obey Jesus they get to take part in a miracle.
  • Mark 6:45-52, The disciples are struggling big time, but struggle alone without Jesus. Then when He’s standing right in front of them and able to help, they don’t recognize it’s Him. And He is willing to pass them by, but because they cry out He helps them.
  • Mark 6:52, The disciples had seen Jesus do a miracle, but somehow it didn’t register with them.
  • Mark 6:53-56, People are desperate for Jesus, even begging, and so they Him and what He can do for them.

So all this makes me ask: What am I doing with Jesus? Do I have an amazing lack of faith? Or am I desperate for Him? Do I accept the authority He’s given me, and am I using it for good? Or am I doing life without Him, struggling along alone?

And, as a pastor and church planter: What do I, and what will I, teach people to do with Jesus?

And it’s a good question for you to wrestle with: What do you do with Jesus?