What Massive Stones You Have (Mark 13)

So I’m not a total church building hater, but I’m close. I’m one of the, “Whatever it takes to advance the true cause” kind of guys. If a nice church building really is the path to help the most possible people know God, then I guess I’d be in favor of a nice church building. But it’s almost impossible for me to imagine that the millions of dollars churches put into their buildings couldn’t be much better spent (on church planting, missions, etc.).

So in today’s reading (Mark 13) as the disciples point out the amazing “church” buildings to Jesus, it’s just real easy for me to imagine modern day church goers giving Jesus a tour of their architectural feats and saying, “Look Jesus, what massive stones.” (Awkward!) “What magnificent buildings.”

And Jesus would scoff and start talking about how the end is coming, and these buildings will be turned to rubble, but will people be ready for His return? And then someone will probably say, “Dude, do you know how much I gave to that freakin’ building campaign?!?”