What’s Going On (What’s Going On)

So here’s what’s been going on…

1. We got here Friday afternoon.
2. A few hours later we had 17 people in our front yard (I use the word “yard” with poetic license. It’s actually a small patch of fake Put-Put grass). It was our family plus two families that have moved here to start the church, plus our friend’s from Tuscon who drove here to help us move in. Our neighbor from across the street came over and asked Jen, “Do you know all these people?”
3. That night we all went out for dinner then walked around the Strip. We watched the volcano exploding show at the Mirage (picture above) and the “Sirens” show at Treasure Island. The Sirens show is basically pirate porn. What I never knew is that pirate ships had DJ’.s Awesome.
4. Saturday morning we emptied our truck (picture of empty truck below). We had 21 people there to help us (including a Forefront couple who are in Vegas on vacation). I wanted to empty our truck in one hour and twenty minutes. We did it one hour and thirteen minutes. That’s why you set goals people!
5. This morning we went to church and right now we’re watching Eagles/Cardinals. My friend from Tuscon is here, is an avid Eagles fan, and is about to kill someone. I’m afraid.
6. Tomorrow I’m meeting with a guy from Central Christian Church who is supporting us and has offered us some office space to use for free. Then we’ve got to go buy a couch and a table. Right now we’ve got to sit and eat on the floor….