Why Your Church Isn’t Growing (James 4)

So I know it’s not only pastors who read this blog, but a lot of pastors read it, and I think today’s reading (James 4) gives a bunch of reasons why your church isn’t growing, if it isn’t growing. (And most churches aren’t growing, and of the churches that are, 97.8% grow through transfer growth, so big whoop for that.)

1. We don’t ask. Maybe you’re working your bootie off, but not asking God to grow your church (and I don’t just mean numerically; I mean all kinds of good growth).

2. We ask, but with the wrong motives. Be honest, if you’re working and praying for your church to grow, WHY? Is it because you long for God to be glorified and for people to know Jesus, OR is it because you want to prove to your daddy that he was wrong about you, and let everyone else know that you are really, really, reallly special?

3. We love our church and it’s growth and our success more than we love God, which ain’t cool, because He is jealous for our hearts. Be honest, where is your heart?

4. We’re not resisting the devil. Unfortunately, and perhaps oddly, this whole thing is a spiritual war. But if you’re not aware of that, or dealing with it, then of course you’re losing the battle.

5. We think we’re IT. If you think the whole thing rises and falls with you, if you think you’re the one hope for your city, if you think your church would cease to exist without you … then maybe you’re the problem. Because you’re not it.