Calling Out (Proverbs 8)

Lots of thoughts from today’s reading (Proverbs 8), I’ll share a few:

  1. I just read The Shack, which I had heard was full of perversions of the gospel and all kinds of wicked, horrible lies. I thought it was great. Does it present a totally complete picture of God, no. But is it a picture we need to see? Yeah. Anyway, it’s now impossible to read this chapter without picturing Mack’s encounter with Sophia. Cool stuff.
  2. One of my pet peeves is that Christians have taken to calling non-Christians “seekers.” I’m not saying they’re not, but I am saying that we’re supposed to be. In fact, not all non-Christians are seekers, but every Christian should be a seeker. Verse 17 is a great example of how we’re supposed to be seekers.
  3. Verse 35, “For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the LORD.” Wow, wisdom is a big deal.
  4. As a church planter, I desperately need wisdom. Right now I have SO MANY ideas, and I need wisdom to discern which are the right ones. Please God, help me be a seeker!