Encouraging (Luke 8)

One of the cool things about Jesus is how encouraging He was. Kind of totally the opposite of so many of the preacher’s out there today.

In today’s reading (Luke 8) we see a lady who had been sick for years, and therefore ostracized from her community, come up and sneak a touch and get healed. And rather than let her sneak away Jesus calls her out, and then calls her “Daughter.” It’s the only time recorded for us in the Bible that Jesus uses this term of affection. Why didn’t He let her sneak away? I think because (1) Publicly declaring her healed would restore her to the community, and (2) Calling her “daughter” would help restore her sense of self-worth.

Then Jesus turns to a guy who might be experiencing doubt and says, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe…” Not, “Wait a second! Are you doubting? Doubting me? Well, then, forget the miracle I was going to do for you!” Nope, it’s, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe…”

I pray that the church we’re starting here in Vegas is encouraging like Jesus was encouraging. And I pray that for you and your church as well.