In Yo Face (Luke 10)

Seems to me most Christians have a caricature of Jesus that He’s this sweetie pie who gives lots of hugs and never raises His voice. And I think that’s a great picture of Jesus, it’s just not the Bible’s picture of Jesus.

In the chapter for today (Luke 10) Jesus:

  • Tells the disciples He’s sending them out like lamb among wolves. (“Thanks Jesus!”)
  • Tells them that if anyone doesn’t immediately accept them, tell them that we won’t even tolerate the dust from your crap town
  • Says those towns they’ll wish they were Sodom, which was destroyed
  • Says “Woe” more than that Joey kid from Blossom
  • Tells Martha, “Girl, you just need to be more like your sister.”

When we start heading in the wrong direction spiritually we like to think that Jesus would feel sorry for us and give us a bear hug. Maybe. But sometimes we just need someone to get in our face and tell it like it is. And Jesus is fully capable of doing that. Maybe if we had ears to hear, we’d hear Him doing just that.