Jim & Casper

Last week I read Jim and Casper Go to Church, by Jim Henderson and Matt Casper. Jim Henderson is a Christian who took Matt Casper, an atheist to about a dozen churches (most of them famous megachurches). Casper would share his impressions with Hendersion.

So I think the book has a couple flaws. One is that unlike a lot of books that give you the views of an entire group of people (like UnChristian, or Surprising Insights) this gives the impressions of one atheist. And a kind of abnormal atheist at that. (How many atheists worked recently at Outreach Marketing, or sing “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…” before dinner??).

Another is that Henderson makes it sound dirty for a Christian to have a friend who you hope will become a Christian. Really? I don’t think he actually believes that, I think he’s just trying to be sensitive to Casper.

But … it’s still totally worth reading. Worth the money, worth the time. Go buy it and read it. Casper’s thoughts on what he experiences in the churches are often insightful, revealing, and convicting. And as someone who was an atheist not that long ago, I totally understand where he’s coming from, and I pray his journey leads him to Jesus.