Missionary Lunch

One of our plans to develop relationships in Vegas is to live our regular lives very intentionally. What I mean is… I get gas about once a week. Go grocery shopping once a week. Go out to eat a couple of times a month. So, instead of just doing them to do them, why not do them for God?


The plan is to go to the same gas station every time, and never pay at the pump. Instead go in to pay, and make pleasant conversation with the dude who works there. Maybe ask for a restaurant recommendation. Ask him where he’s from. Why he moved to Vegas. And then progressively over the course of months slowly develop a relationship with dude. Eventually the hope would be that it would progress to the point that inviting him to come to church (maybe our first service?) would feel kind of natural (rather than forced and weird).

Same thing with grocery shopping: Same store, same time, same clerk every time. And restaurants: We’re gonna pick a few restaurants to visit repeatedly. I’ve picked a cheap Italian restaurant near the Strip as a possible location, and since the kids are out of school for President’s Day we’re gonna go over there for lunch. (And, by the way, combining Italian food and church planting? Me likey.)