Not All Good 4: All About Those Benjamins

Yesterday I mentioned that I don’t feel a ton of pressure to produce a huge, thriving church with this new plant. I believe that success is being obedient to God, and I’m really not afraid to fail. But, as I said yesterday, the thing that puts some pressure on are the people moving out here to be a part of this.

Here’s the other pressure factor: The people who are investing money in this. I really believe that the finances we have are a sacred trust from God. And so the fact that a bunch of churches and individuals are trusting us with money God has entrusted to them … gulp.

So … I believe God called my family to Vegas to start this church. And if we put our all into it but it just didn’t work, never got off the ground. I could hold my head up high knowing that we obeyed God and did our best. BUT, I could not feel good about calling those churches and friends and saying, “Yeah, you know that money you invested in this. Well, sorry.” I would throw up immediately before, and immediately after, making each of those phone calls. That might be a great strategy for weight loss, but not for my mental health.

So if no one was moving to Vegas and no one gave us any money, I think I’d feel no pressure – but it’d also be a whole lot more difficult to start this church!