Not All Good 5: Fundraising Isn’t FUNraising

Been sharing some of the not-so-great aspects of this church planting adventure so far. Yesterday I talked about the pressure of having people and churches support you financially…

Another difficulty are the people and churches who don’t support you financially. Fundraising is never deliriously fun, but doing it during a recession is less than a day at the carnival. One of the toughest parts has been having several churches almost promise to support us … and then tell me that they can’t. It’s definitely been discouraging, not just because of the finances but also because of the relationships.

Oh well, I think there’s something in the Bible about how we grow through trials. Right?

And … we’re still praying for more funding, which means you have the opportunity to be the answer to a prayer! Want to help fund the awesome thing God is going to do here on the Vegas Strip?!?