Nothing, God, God, God (Psalm 16 & 17)

I love how God-centric David was, and we really see that in today’s reading (Psalm 16 and 17). Like fill in these blanks for you, and be honest:

  • Apart from God, the good thing I have is __________.
  • When I’m feeling afraid I look to __________ to make me feel safe.
  • The thing that gives me joy is ____________.
  • When I get up in the morning I’m excited to see ___________.

Your answers may have been: my Kids, my savings account, a good movie, and SportsCenter. David’s answers: nothing (16:2), God (16:1), God (16:11), God (17:15).

Maybe my favorite verse from today is, “I have set the Lord always before me” (16:8). Unfortunately, I kinda suck at keeping my mind focused on God throughout the day so I’ve been getting a little help. Taking my cue from John Burke’s 60/60 Experiment, I have set my phone to go off once an hour. It plays different song clips throughout the day that remind me to pray about various things; one song tells me I’m not guilty because of Jesus, another talks about God turning the world upside down, another reminds me that God is all I need….

May be kinda lame, but like I said, I need the help. And I’ll take it wherever I can get it.