Responding to Your Comments

I am working in a place called Brooklyn Bagels and they have … salt bagels. If you know me, you know what that means to me. Wait a second, I need to praise Jesus: Praise you Jesus for salt bagels and that there’s a place in Vegas that makes them! Glory!

So a couple comments from this last week that I didn’t have time to respond to right away:

(1) I had a post about how we need great systems in church, and that it helps us to love people. Someone commented about how it depends how you look at, saying, “You don’t have systems for your relationship with your wife.” But … sure I do. We go out on a date once a week. That’s a system. We put our kids in bed early every weeknight so we have time to hang out together at night. That’s a system. And without those systems, our marriage would bite.

(2) I had a post about the idea of “missionary routes” and trying to develop relationships with people at local stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Some guy said it’s a great idea, but he’s seen that it doesn’t usually work. Maybe, but I have several friends who have started churches in the last two years, did it, and it did work for them. So it may not always work, but it definitely can. I think it takes some patience and persistence. And even if it doesn’t produce much results, the nice thing is that it doesn’t really cost you anything.

Okay, that’s it. Gotta go praise Jesus more for the salt bagel I just ate…