SmartPen, Doh!

Our friends Tommy and Krystal are in town this week. They’ll be moving here this summer to be a part of Verve. Tommy is planning on doing a two year church planting internship with us, then setting out to launch a new church. (By the way, if you’re looking to invest some money in the future of God’s Kingdom, supporting Tommy during his internship with us would be a great way to do it!)

Unfortunately, Tommy messed up my life this morning. He told me about the Pulse SmartPen, of which I was unaware. Have you heard of this?! While you use it the pen is storing everything you write, and later you can plug it into your computer and download everything you wrote. I am always writing sermon outlines and stuff on paper, and then typing it all into my computer. (For some reason I think better writing then typing.) The pen also records the audio of what’s going on in the room while you write with it. Later you can play it back. So if you’re taking notes during a seminar you can go back and listen to the seminar. I’ve got to get one of these things!! But they cost $200. Crap. MUST KILL TOMMY.