Strength & Refuge (Psalm 18)

How are you doing at spending real quality time with God each day of 2009? Part of the reason I’ve been sharing a thought from my time with God (and in His Word) each day is to help people who may struggle (like I often do) to have that time with Him each day. I’m hoping that some might use this post each day to lead them to read that day’s chapter on their own…

So anyway, today’s reading (Psalm 18) is what I really want. I love David makes God His strength and His refuge. I’ll tell you what I’ve found, nothing else has been able to be a real strength or refuge for me. In fact, I think just about everything else in life has sapped my strength and lead me to need refuge. And so when I look to other things for strength and refuge, I’m screwed.

But I … we … you can make God your strength and take refuge in Him, and it’s because He delights in you.