THAT Power of Prayer (Psalm 13, 14, 15)

When Christians talk about the “power of prayer” we usually are referring to our belief that God answers our requests and does things on our behalf. The “power” is what God might do for us because we asked.

But in today’s reading (Psalm 13, 14, 15) we see a different kind of power. This “power” is what happens in us because we told. Have you ever felt so good because of a conversation you had? Maybe you finally got what you were feeling off your chest, or you finally told someone how much they mean to you, or you finally came to a common understanding because things got hashed out. The same thing happens when we tell God how we feel, honestly and from the heart. When we do that something powerful happens inside us.

I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I don’t pray this kind of prayer enough. Most of time praying is spent telling God how awesome He is and asking Him to help my friends, empower my church, change my heart. I spend way too little time telling Him, “God, I’m scared…” or “God, I’m angry…” or “God, this doesn’t make sense…” or “God, I feel like you’re not here…”

Because of that, I am missing out on some of the power of prayer, and on some real growth that could be happening in my relationship with God. How about you?