The Silent Game (Luke 1)

Okay, honesty time: There has been almost nothing in my life that I’m more sure of than that God has specifically called me to Vegas to start this church on the Strip. And I fully believe in the power of God and of His gospel.

Yet … there is still something inside me thinking, “What am I doing here?” And, “This isn’t gonna work.” And, “There’s never been a church that’s done anything on the Strip, why will we be able to?”

And most of the time I think and hope that God understands that I’m human and that I’m going to have moments of doubt. But then today’s reading (Luke 1) kind of freaks me out. Not all the sweet gooey stuff where people are singing songs about how happy they are to do God’s will. No, I’m talking about Luke 1:18-20, where Zechariah is told by the angel that God was going to do a friekin’ miracle in his life, and in a moment of humanness Zech says, “How can I be sure?” And the angel doesn’t say, “That’s so cute, how you’re human and all and you’re struggling with a little doubt.” No, he says, “Okay, so now you can’t talk anymore. Enjoy the silent game dude.”

So I’ve got no profound thoughts about this, just read it, considered my doubts, and thought, “Wow, those verses really suck.”