The Week In Brief(s) (2/22/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. We have a few more people who are praying about moving to Vegas to be on the Launch Team.

2. Met with Robb, who is our other staff member and is leading our effort to start a Community Service Organization. God’s given me a great guy to work with.

3. Robb told me about an amazing interview he did with a bar owner from the north end of the Strip (near downtown). This guy had fascinating things to say about Vegas and the needs here.

4. Our Launch Team got together on Tuesday night for dinner. It was just a casual night but we spent some of our time talking about spiritual warfare and the struggles we’re sure to have in this stage of our church plant.

5. Had my first coaching call with my church planting coach, Dave Nelson. Dave is gonna be a big help to me.

6. Had my first call with our project manager, Patrick Bradley, from Passion 4 Planting. Passion 4 Planting helps with the administrative details of starting a church, so the church planter can focus on people.

7. One of awesome members of our awesome team (Carol) talked with Shaun King about how he used Facebook as a part of launching his church in Atlanta. We’re learning some great things.

8. Got to spend a few hours with one my very best friends who was in Vegas for the day for work.

9. Met with Bart Rendell, who works at Central Christian here, and is a great guy who is really sharp and is willing to help me think through some of our plans. Thank you Bart, and thank ya Jesus.

10. Went to L.A. and spoke at one of our supporting churches, Discovery Church.

To Pray About This Week:

1. I will be in Austin, Texas attending E.L.I.’s “Cultivate” – a training thing for church planters.

2. Please pray for everyone who has already moved to Vegas. The transition involves all kinds of struggles.