The Week In Brief(s)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Went to Central Christian’s service on Sunday.
2. Finished unpacking and getting settled into our house.
3. Our kids started school in Vegas, and are loving it.
4. Connected with Shaun King, who just planted a church in downtown Atlanta and seems to be a great guy. I’m proud of him and what his church is doing. He’s coaching me on how to use Facebook as a tool in starting a church.
5. Met with a couple who have been involved in acting, directing, and booking shows on the Strip for years, and who are also involved in ministry. It was great. A few of the things I learned from them:

  • Teaching English as a second language could be huge in Vegas. Not only for kids but also adults.
  • The High School dropout rate in Vegas is the highest in the country. About half of all students will drop out. Part of the problem is the availability of high paying jobs for people with no education (valet car parkers can make $60,000 to $100,000 a year!). GED training may be a way to serve people…
  • There’s not a lot for kids to do in Vegas. Taking care of, or even just entertaining kids could be big.
  • People’s finances are messed up here. They need serious help with that.
  • A lot of people in Vegas live in their cars. They get a spot in a parking garage, and membership to a health club. So they sleep in their car in the parking lot, go work out in the gym and take a shower, and then go to work. Or go beg.

6. I was going to be in Alabama for my birthday, so the family went out for a birthday dinner … at Texas De Brazil!!! We had half-off coupons. Rock n roll! Wait a second, I need to pray: “Please God, let the feast in Heaven be like Texas De Brazil. Please God, let the feast in Heaven be like Texas De Brazil.” Okay, I can move on.
7. Continuing to try and raise money. The economy has kicked our fundraising in the rear. I was hoping that once I got to Vegas I could focus on starting the church instead of raising money to start the church, but that didnt happen. So I’ve been contacting some churches hoping they could even just do a little something to help us. So far … no luck.
8. Set up several more meetings with Vegas locals for the next few weeks.
9. Went to Alabama and spoke three times at the “D-Now” youth convention.
10. In my many hours in a hotel room in Alabama, worked on the book proposal for my third book. (This is a kick in the pants: My publisher asked me to write two more books, but I have to write a proposal.)
11. In my many hotel hours, worked on a future message series.
12. In more hotel hours, worked on some Verve ministry structure and systems and talked with a guy on the staff of Church Leader Insights about some of the systems they share. Good stuff!

This week, please be praying for:
1. I’ve got several meetings set up: With a local businessman, a pastor, a leader of a non-profit community organization, etc.
2. We’ve got several people who are going to be moving to Vegas in the summer to help start the church coming into town this week to look for jobs and places to live.
3. I’m preaching at a church in Salt Lake City called K2. The pastor of K2, Dave Nelson, is going to be my church planting coach, so it will be sweet to spend time with him!

Okay people, you’ve been briefed.