Went to the lunch place I posted about earlier. Our waitress, Angie, will definitely remember us the next time we come in. (I think this is part of the “trick” of it. You need something that connects your last visit to your next visit, so it’s not like you’re always starting over.) So, in addition to being really nice and leaving a too large tip, when we ordered a couple of mini-cannolis and she came back and said, “Sorry, we’re out,” I made her promise she’d have them the next time we came in. I told her I’d hold her to it. I guarantee next time when we go in and I say, “You better have the mini-cannolis!” she’ll laugh and remember us.

I also reconnected with the grocery clerk guy who I met with the first day we arrived here.

And … tonight my daughter started taking Hip Hop dance lessons. She took Hip Hop in Virginia Beach, but there’s something a little scarier about having your daughter take them in Vegas. Chris Rock says when you have a daughter your one goal is to keep her off the pole. … Amen, Chris, amen.