Video Killed The…

We’re going buy a video camera in the very near future for the new church. In general I am a cheap guy, but we need to get a high quality video camera because God’s given us some cool ideas that will require some excellence in video.

So … before we make the big purchase I just wanted to check with you all, just in case. Like, maybe:

  • Your church has a killer video camera but you just bought an even more killer video camera and you’d like to support us by giving us your old one. (Again, it needs to be good.)
  • Your church doesn’t have a killer video camera to give away, but you do have a couple thousand dollars that you’re willing to use to help out this new church starting in Vegas.
  • You don’t have anything to give away, but you have a connection that might allow us to get an amazing deal on a video camera.
  • You have a suggestion on what camera we should buy.

Alright, if there’s any chance in the world you could do any of those (especially one of the first two!!) please pray about it and let me know.