You Big Dummy (1 Peter 5)

I once heard (and then stole and used) an illustration about this troop in World War 2 who wasn’t advancing and taking a house they should have. Then another troop came up from behind and their leader asked the first group why they weren’t advancing. The reply, “Sir, they’re shooting at us.” Like he was surprised that in a war you might get shot at.

I talk to so many Christians (and even more, so many church planters) who seem genuinely surprised that things are going bad for them and that they’re being hit by temptations. And every time I want to ask, “Really?! You’re in a war, and things aren’t great for you? No way!” Or, as Fred G. Sanford would have said it, “You big dummy!” Of course you’re going to feel attacked … you are in a war!

Today’s reading (1 Peter 5) makes it abundantly clear that we are in a war, will be attacked, and need to be prepared to man-up. So, if you’ve been feeling surprised … stop.