A Commercial Break

Just got an e-mail from the good people over at Church Leader Insights about a training they have coming up. Might interest some of you:

This Easter, God will prompt thousands of people in the US and millions around the world, to attend a church this Easter. For some reason, people who don’t normally attend church will make a decision to do so during this time of the year like no other. What can we do to have the maximum impact possible that will bring guests back the following week?

Join Nelson Searcy in this 90 minute tele-seminar without ever having to leave your office or home! Nelson will go into greater detail not covered in the “How To Maximize Easter Report.” This is your opportunity to train your entire staff with this tele-seminar.

Here’s what you can expect to learn that’s not covered in “The Maximizing Easter” report:

  • How to promote Easter for maximum effectiveness
  • How to mobilize all your members to invite their friends on Easter
  • What to preach on at Easter (and what not to preach on…its not what you think)
  • The biggest mistakes most people make in planning Easter
  • How to get people to come back the month after Easter
  • How to lead your staff and key volunteers to spiritually prepare for Easter
  • How to do a church wide spiritual survey on Easter.
  • How to get a 100% connection card completion on Easter.
  • Easter and your volunteers (you may be hurting your attendance but having too many volunteers, yep, too many)
  • Choosing the times of your Easter service (the wrong times can keep the unchurched away).
  • How you can leverage Easter to grow your church in the fall.

Click here to register.