Band of Bumbling Brain-Dead Brothers (Acts 11)

In today’s reading (Acts 11) the Christians learn that Peter has gone into the house of (gasp!) and even ate with (no!!) non-Jewish people. Peter then tells them that those non-Jewish people had actually accepted Jesus and decided to join them (may it never be!).

These Christians were all formerly Jewish and they were convinced that God would not accept and had no interest in anyone who was Jewish. From our perspective it’s like, “How stupid were they?” And, “Hadn’t they paid any attention to the example Jesus set for them? If they had, there’s no way they could have held that theological position.” But somehow they held it, and were convinced they were right.

So that makes me wonder: Might there be something I’m convinced is right, and someday people will say, “How stupid was he? Did he have a Bible? Did he read it?”

What about you? Is there anything you know you’re right about, but maybe you’re actually bumbling and brain dead on it? Don’t be too quick to say no, because when we have those issues we’re too deceived to see them. So maybe take a moment to ask God to help you really examine yourself and reveal where you’re wrong.