Deal With Sin

So I’ve been having one to three meetings a day with Vegas locals, just asking all kinds of questions about life here, the people here, ministry here. One of the most interesting things I’ve heard was from a guy who said one of the strengths of Vegas is that Christians and Churches here deal better with sin than anywhere else he’s seen. Not their own sin, but other people’s sin.

Maybe it’s because most Christians feel like they can defeat sin in their area. If we point it out and protest against it we can eradicate it. Perhaps in Vegas sin is so big and prevalent that Christians realize they can’t beat it, so they’re forced to figure out the best and most godly way to deal with it.

This guy shared an intriguing story. He said there was a revival amongst Vegas strippers back in like the 70’s or 80’s. I guess so many strippers started following Jesus that Strip Clubs didn’t have enough dancers and had to cancel shows. Anyway, these strippers were going to their pastors and asking, “Do I stop stripping?” And instead of saying, “Yes, absolutely!” a lot of the pastors said, “That’s definitely something you need to pray about.” In doing so they were trying to help them to really have a relationship with God and to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance rather than human beings.

What do you think about that?