Dear Diary (Psalms 21 & 22)

If you were to read the diaries of most honest Christians, and maybe especially most honest church planters, I think it’d read something like this…

  • Monday: “Oh God, fellowship with you this morning has been so sweet. Thank You for Your presence in my life. It’s like that verse in the Bible – where can I go and you’re not there with me? Thank you for caring for me, I can’t wait to spend my whole day with you.”
  • Tuesday: “Lord, why are you so far from me? Are you even there?! Seriously! Are you hiding? Hellllooooo? Well, I’ve gotta go. Not that You give a rip…”
  • Wednesday: “Things seem to be going great with our church plant. Thank you! We have a new person for our Launch Team! God, why are you so kind to give me people like that? Seriously, am I like your favorite or something? You just understand how much I love you, don’t you…”
  • Thursday: “Holy crap! If our new church is even able to have a first Sunday I’ll be shocked. And that new person is a nut job. God why do you stick me with people like that? Do you have some kind of personal vendetta against me? Seriously, why do you hate me? You do understand that I’m starting this church for You, don’t you?!?”

If you’re like that at all, today’s reading (Psalm 21 & 22) will feel very familiar, and should give you some comfort. If you’re doing this reading plan, read both Psalms together, as you’re supposed to. Psalm 21 sounds like a quarterback giving God credit for his victory after the game. Psalm 22 sounds like a man about to be executed giving God the blame for his death just before his execution. And they’re both written by the same guy. And God called that guy, “A man after my own heart.”