Do You See What He Sees? (Luke 21)

In today’s reading (Luke 21) there are a bunch of things where I know I would not see what Jesus sees. Like…

  1. In vs. 1-4: There are rich people giving huge offerings, but Jesus sees a widow giving two pennies.
  2. In vs. 5-7: There is a beautiful temple, but Jesus sees it as a sign of coming destruction.
  3. In vs. 8-19: There is war and believers getting arrested and thrown in prison, but Jesus sees it as a chance for His people to testify about Him.
  4. In vs. 14-19: There are invading armies, but Jesus sees the discomfort caused to pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  5. In vs. 20-28, There is the end of the world, but Jesus sees it as a time to celebrate for it means His return.

And all of that just makes me wonder what I’m looking at wrong today. What is Jesus seeing that I’m not seeing? What am I looking at as a problem, but Jesus sees an opportunity? What am I looking at as an opportunity, but Jesus sees a problem?

I always assume I have the right perspective and the correct evaluation. And I bet you assume the same. But … we probably don’t.