Embarrassment & Shame

I don’t believe in embarrassing people or using shame to motivate others. However, I will do it for myself, and guess what? I’m about to…

So over the last two years I’ve allowed myself to get way out of shape, way over weight, to the point that I was described as “husky” in a newspaper article that appeared in papers all over the country. I’ve known I have to lose weight and occasionally did the kind of things that would help me to do so. But they haven’t lasted.

Now I’m starting to do the right things again, and to give me some accountability (or, to put it another way, “embarrassment and shame”) I’m going to institute a Wednesday morning weigh in, where I tell you what my weight is at. If you don’t care, that’s fine, but I’ll be embarrassed and ashamed if it doesn’t start trending down. So I’d like to get down to below 180 and I am starting at … gulp … gulp again … gulp a third time … 215.