After one of the services this weekend at Canyon Ridge a lady came up to me and told me how excited she was that we were starting a church on the Strip. She explained that she works at the hotel registration at one of the casinos. She said every weekend there are Christians who say they want to go to church on Sunday, and ask where they can go. They are all told that there is a nearby Catholic church they can attend. Most of the people say, “We’re not Catholic. What else ya got?” And they are told that there’s nothing else, unless they want to drive into the suburbs.

She told me that every Sunday morning there are multiple people taking taxis out into the suburbs to go to church. She said she can’t wait to have a nearby, non-Catholic church to send them to.

It was kind of a cool confirmation about the lack of churches on and around the Strip I’m not excited about the idea of having tourists attend on Sundays, and I doubt that most of them will like our service. But I am very excited for the couple hundred thousand people who live right around the Strip!!