Good Stuff in K.C.

So when I left Vegas on Saturday it was 77 degrees, landed in Kansas City where it was 27 degrees. Nice.

Yesterday morning I got to speak at Cedar Ridge Christian Church. It was a good time, and it looks like God might have had a much bigger reason for me being there that I had no idea about…

Last night The Heartland Project put on a “How to Talk to Your Friends About Jesus Without Looking for Sounding Like a Dummy” event for me to speak at. Over 200 people came out in the freezing cold, from like 20+ churches. It was very cool.

The amazing thing is that when I became a Christian, after living for 20 years and never having any Christian mention Jesus to me, I asked God to help me to be able to challenge and equip Christians to share Jesus with people. The fact that it’s what I get to do today … wow. God is too cool.