Hated It (Luke 16)

For those doing the New Testament reading plan, did you read today’s chapter (Luke 16) yet? And if so, don’t you just hate the Bible? I realize that sounds very blasphemous, and as a pastor, I’m supposed to say, “Don’t you just love the Bible?” But I think if you love God, sometimes you have to hate the Bible.

So Luke 16:19-31 is one of those times, right? You have this guy in torment in Hell, and there’s no relief for him, which you have to hate … and God hates. And this guy gets a sudden burst of compassion and asks if he can send someone to warn his brothers. But he’s told that nothing could lead them to repentance. And the sad truth is that for some people, nothing is going to lead them to repentance. And you have to hate that … and God hates that.