Idiotace (Acts 4)

I love how, in today’s reading (Acts 4), Peter and John are arrested but continue to be totally bold, and the religious rulers noted that they were “unschooled, ordinary men.” I understand that the word we have translated “ordinary” is the Greek word “idiotace” from which we get … idiots. They were like, “These guys are uneducated idiots, but the courage they have is extraordinary.”

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary, there has to be an explanation, and the only one the religious rulers can come up with is “that these men had been with Jesus.”

That’s exactly what we’re looking for, right? That our ordinary selves with our ordinary lives would morph into something extraordinary. And that as an unbelieving world looks on, the only explanation is that we’ve been with Jesus. That He had transformed us.

That’s my prayer for you, and for our Launch Team here in Vegas. That there would be something so remarkably different about this group of otherwise very ordinary people it forced people to notice. And that there was no good way to explain it other than, well, Jesus.