In God We Trust? (Psalm 25 & 26)

What is it that God is looking for from us? What makes Him smile when He sees it in us? In one of my favorite books, Brennan Manning says it’s trust, ruthless trust. That more than belief as a mental agreement to the facts about God, and more than sinlessness, God wants us to have a “stubborn irrefutable certainty … that God is with us and loves us…” Manning says that such ruthless trust allows us to be ruthlessly honest with God: “Raw honesty with Jesus about our doubts and anxieties, our lust and laziness, our shabby prayer life and stale religiosity, our mixed motives and divided hearts, is the risk we take in the certainty of being acceptable and accepted. It is the full and mature expression of invincible trust.”

Maybe this is why God called David “a man after His own heart.” It wasn’t because David mentally believed all the facts about God, even Satan does that. And it wasn’t because of David’s sinlessness, even I have less sin than David. But one thing David seemed to have (certainly more than me or Satan) is a ruthless trust in God. And if you want to see how real trusting God was, and how much it was at the forefront of David’s life, check out today’s reading (Psalm 25 and 26).

So how are you doing with trusting God? And if you struggle with it, what do you think might be the path towards growing your trust in Him? And if you’re not sure, maybe think about how your trust grows in another person…