Jesus Centric (Acts 3)

One of the things that I love about today’s reading (Acts 3) is that: Jesus is gone now. From all appearances, this is becoming the Peter and John show. They’re strutting into the temple like John Travolta at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever. They’re healing the sick like Benny Hinn, only for real. They’re speaking with authority and challenging the religious leaders and teaching God’s Word like Bill Hybles, or T.D. Jakes or Shane Claiborne or … someone.

BUT … in the eyes of Peter and John it’s all about Jesus. It’s Jesus’ Name they’re healing in. It’s Jesus who should be glorified. It’s only faith in Jesus that can provide real healing. It’s Jesus who was appointed for the people. It’s Jesus who must be listened to. That all may seem obvious, but what’s also obvious is that Peter and John could have taken the spotlight for all of those. They could have received the credit for the healing, been the one’s glorified, the one’s who must be listened to. But they wanted to make sure that they didn’t deflect any of the attention from Jesus.

In a Christian culture that has chosen to worship rock star pastors, which is only accentuated by those pastors having blogs (like this one!) and Twittering and writing books (like this one!) and having agents, and on and on, let’s pray that the whole thing stays (or becomes?) Jesus-centric. Because He’s the only one that really counts, and the only one worthy.