Join What’s Going On – The Sequel

Last week I had a post about joining an event that’s already going on in your community rather than inventing your own event. One of the downsides is that it makes your church a little less prominent. One of the reasons you put on events is so that your community can see your name and see that you’re doing something good for them. But if you’re just a part of an event, your name won’t be so prominently displayed.

But here’s something cool: The amount of people who will see your name increases.

When we came to Vegas we had the idea of doing a “Culture Pub.” Basically, we’d rent a coffee shop or pub and have a day of artistic expression there. Bands, poets, painters, whatever. And we’d let people know that it was put on by Verve, hoping it might pique interest in our church. If we did a Culture Pub (and we still may) I would hope maybe 100 people would show up.

On Friday night we participated in a Culture Pub type event that’s already happening in Vegas, called First Friday. Our name wasn’t quite as prominent (which does stink) but it was there, and thousands of people saw it. Also, it cost us nothing, whereas doing our own Culture Pub would cost us a lot (mostly in advertising).

So church planters, what’s already going on in your community? How can you join it?