Live Art Piece

Tonight we’re gonna have a live art piece at “First Friday” – a local arts festival kind of thing. One or two people asked what our live art piece will be. I asked Robb Overholt to describe it, so here’s that description, and a picture of a time it was used in the past:

We’ll set up a live model who will be covered in mud and dirt from head to toe. Underneath, she will be dressed in a white gown signifying a purity that has either existed or longs to be revealed. She’ll be sitting under a slow trickle of water that will slowly cleanse her. There will be only subtle movement on the part of the model, signifying a longing of sorts for a breakthrough moment. We have used this piece one time previously with great reception. The piece sparks a myriad of dialogue from all things figurative to literal and all things physical to spiritual.