Yesterday I mentioned that 25% of the people who move to Vegas move out of Vegas within two years. Why is that?

Well, I have heard repeatedly, from just about every person I have met, that living in Vegas is incredibly difficult. I’ve heard how the people here are greedy and in it for themselves, and that wears you down. And how everyone here is just waiting to move on, and that wears you down. All kinds of stuff.

Interestingly, I’ve been told that it’s especially tough for people in ministry. One guy told me that in Vegas, when it rains, weeds and dessert flowers pop up thinking, “This is a great place!” But then it doesn’t rain again for 3 months and slowly the weed/flower will shrivel up and die. The guy said Vegas is like that for people in ministry. They come all excited because of the great needs in Vegas. But then the oppressive nature of this city causes them to shrivel up spiritually and they quit ministry or move out of Vegas.

So … please pray for us. Pray that we’ll have perseverance. We’ll need it.